Crochet kit half long cardigan striped (NL & ENG)


Crochet yourself this beautiful striped mohair cardigan.

It’s very light, warm and comfortable. This kit contains MYPZ mohair, a high quality fine brushed mohair that does not pill. These brushed yarns may shed a little but after a while this will subside.

Pattern language: English or Netherlands

Kit contents:
• The pattern (PDF) will be sent to you by mail.
• 36 balls of MYPZ mohair

Difficulty: Medium / advanced

Model: Oversized with pockets (crochet a size smaller if you do not want to wear it as an oversized model)

Sizes: S/M en M/L

Materials (not included):
• Tunisian crochet hooks: 10 mm, 12mm and 15mm, all with cable.
• Normal crochet hook > 7mm.

Yarn and colors (included):
Pay attention! > We use 10 different colors in this pattern, but the blue colors is not included in this kit because it is no longer available. So this kit includes 9 colors. You can replace the blue color with a different color from the kit.

• 36 balls MYPZ mohair (80% kidmohair, 20% polyamide, 25grs-210m, 3,24-4,5 mm).
• For this model we use 4 threads at the same time.
• Colors: > Dark purple > 4 balls, > Light pink > 4 balls, > Mintgreen > 4 balls, > Green/Turquoise > 4 balls, > Graygreen > 4 balls, > Dark pink > 4 balls, > Orange > 4 balls, > lilac > 4 balls, > Fuchsia > 4 balls > (Note> You keep quite a lot of yarn from some colors)

Remaining materials (not included):
• Stop needle
• Stitch markers
• Scissors

When you order this kit, the pattern is included for free. When you return the kit, the pattern cannot be returned because it is a digital file. The €5,- of the pattern is then deducted. You agree with this upon purchase.


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