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MYPZ Chunky kidmohair Loops – Happy Forest


 MYPZ Chunky kidmohair Loops – Happy Forest | Hand-dyed | A high quality soft and fluffy yarn

This beautiful MYPZ chunky Kidmohair Loops is light-weight and perfect to combine in any project.

Price per piece:
• Composition: 88% Kidmohair | 8,4% wool | 3,6% Nylon
• Chunky
• Weight: 100g
• Approx. 100m
• Single ply bouclé construction
• Non-Superwash

• All garments are to be gently washed with the use of a mild soap or should be dry-cleaned.

Available in backorder: When you order this skein, we will dye it in the next 2 businessdays and it will be send to you in 2-3 businessdays. Ordering more than 6? it may take some more days.

  • Each skein is hand-dyed and very unique. It is normal for there to be slight variations between skeins.
  • Colors may vary slightly from monitor to monitor.
  • Hand-dyed in small batches in The Netherlands.