Interview with MYPZ by Kristy Glass

About the Designer, Founder & Creative Director

Marrinda Herms (1985), born in The Netherlands is a graphic designer and with a love for colors and soft materials. After being a graphic designer at her own designer agency for more than 10 years, she had this strong desire of doing something different. She is a very intuitive person and she wanted to make something.. create something.. use color… but she didn’t know what that could be. She believed something will come her way some day as long as you are able to follow your own intuition. Not long after that she bought this amazing scarf, hand made of fluffy mohair and she fell in love immediately. She knew..

‘This is it, this is what I am going to do, I am going to learn how to knit at crochet this myself.’

She started knitting by the end of 2017. Her eyes fell on a mohair cardigan and how extremely fashionable they look like, but she couldn’t find THAT cardigan with the colors she loved so she wanted to make one herself. As a ‘beginner’ she couldn’t find a pattern that she could understand so she figured it out herself.

It took 4 cardigans before she had it all correctly. Her first tunisian crocheted mohair cardigan was born. In a couple of weeks she had made some extremely colorful pieces and she shared her designs on Instagram. Everything suddenly went very fast. People asked her for the patterns and she thought this was a very nice opportunity to start a brand. She started the luxury handmade knitwear brand MYPZ. It was a very logical step for her to start this brand because she could create everything herself, from designing the brand to building the webshop, making pictures, creating cardigans and import yarn. She found a way to import the finest mohair yarn from South Africa and she started her first collection of different models and colors. She uses this very exclusive and high quality yarns so you can wear the pieces for many years.

‘I want woman to wear these exclusive colorful statement pieces with joy and confidence. Let people watch you when you walk down the street. You are an amazing powerful woman!’

The MYPZ cardigans, pullovers, patterns, kits and yarn are are now purchased worldwide.

Her goal is to have every powerful confident woman wearing a MYPZ, whether they make it themselves or buy our ready-to-wear pieces. She hopes woman enjoy making these pieces.

MYPZ Luxury Mohair Knitwear

The MYPZ mohair cardigans are all hand knitted in The Netherlands. Each cardigan or sweater is a unique piece and we take a lot of time and care to create these beautiful products of a high quality mohair yarn. Our mohair cardigans and sweaters will not pill because of the material. You buy these luxury cardigans to wear them for many years with much joy and happiness.

Why a pattern from MYPZ?

Because our patterns are not like the pattern you’re used to work with. Our patterns contains clear explanations. We tell you step by step what to do without using abbreviations. And all our patterns contain line drawings. When we first start knitting and crocheting we didn’t understand any pattern at all.. all those abbreviations and difficult therms. So we decided to make it more easy for you. The thing you do need to know are some basic skills, like cast on stitches (knitting), making a chain (crocheting), increasing, decreasing, bind off.. In all our patterns we refer to youtube because you can find many, many tutorials (not specific from MYPZ) how to do these basics.

We hope you enjoy working with our patterns!