I didn’t receive the pattern. What to do?

Please also check you spam box after you ordered the pattern, it is possible the pattern is there. After the payment has been received, you will receive an email wit a downloadlink to the pattern. After the payment is done, the pattern is also available in “your account“. If it’s not in here, please send us an email. It is possible we made an update to the pattern so the link is gone.

Ik heb het patroon niet ontvangen, wat nu?

Kijk ook even in je spam, het kan zijn dat het patroon daar binnenkomt. Nadat de betaling is voldaan is het patroon ook altijd beschikbaar via “mijn account“. Staat hier geen patroon? Mail ons dan even. Het kan zijn dat we een update hebben gehad op het patroon waardoor de link weg is.

Why are these mohair cardigans so expensive?

Because of the high quality fibres we use, our cardigans will last a very long time. We use a mohairmix of 80% kidmohair and 20% polyamide from South Africa. This fabric will not pill unlike other yarns (like acrylic).


How do I clean my mohair cardigan?

Refresh your cardigan by airing it outside in a shady place (mostly this is enough). If necessary you could clean your cardigan with dry cleaning at your local dry cleaner. We do not prefer hand wash and never put your cardigan in the washing machine or dryer.