FAQ | Frequently asked questions

I didn’t receive the pattern. What to do?

Please also check you spam box after you ordered the pattern, it is possible the pattern is there. After the payment has been received, you will receive an email wit a downloadlink to the pattern. After the payment is done, the pattern is also available in “your account“. If it’s not in here, please send us an email. It is possible we made an update to the pattern so the link is gone.

How do I clean my mohair cardigan?

Refresh your cardigan by airing it outside in a shady place (mostly this is enough). If necessary you could clean your cardigan with dry cleaning at your local dry cleaner. We do not prefer hand wash and never put your cardigan in the washing machine or dryer.

What about MYPZ and animal welfare? Is your yarn mulesing free

We and our suppliers love animals and ensure that they ARE NOT harmed in any way, shape or form. Our suppliers only provide mulesing free stock to us.

Our wool is mulesing free. International wool growing standards has outlawed mulesing with farmers who still practise this barbaric technique, are banded from selling their fleeces on auction. The farmers need to comply to all growing standards in order to sell their fleece on auction.

All of the raw materials and dues from our suppliers are Oeko tex certified. Our suppliers are in the process of having their spinning and dye plant Oeko tex certified and well as RMS certified.

Do you accept wholesale orders?

Not yet, maybe in the future….

Do you accept custom orders?

Sometimes we do, it really depends on your wishes and the production time we have. So please send us an email with your request so we can discuss the possibilities: info@mypz.nl

How much is shipping?

That depends on where the package goes. Shipping costs will be calculated automatically in your cart when you fill in your country. Please also read our shipping information.

Where is my tracking number?

After we shipped your package you will receive an e-mail with your tracking number. If you haven’t received an email with a tracking number, that might be because it has ended up in your SPAM folder. You can avoid your email from us going into SPAM by adding our email addresses (info@mypz.nl) to your contacts list.